The Guernsey branch of the Institute of Directors supports, represents and develops directors and business leaders

We believe that excellence and professionalism in the boardroom are essential for responsible business practice which in turn benefits our wider society. We raise standards of directorship and governance through education, advocacy and leadership development. 

A range of world-leading IoD director development courses are available locally and we run regular events, seminars and an annual conference to facilitate networking, stimulate thinking and encourage debate on the critical issues facing businesses in Guernsey. 

The IoD supports the Guernsey business community through advocacy and influencing by lobbying the government and actively engageing with the States of Guernsey deputies wherever necessary. We maintain close links with other business organisations to represent members' views and with other business associations where our interests are aligned.

The Guernsey IoD

The Guernsey branch has a long history of supporting its members locally. 

Members of the local committee monitor and discuss topics such as digital connectivity, skills and population, transport, economic development and the machinery of government. The committee meets on a monthly basis and engages regularly with politicians, other business associations, the regulator and civil servants.

We regularly provide considered comment on a range of topics to support and benefit the Guernsey economy as a whole.

Meet the local IoD committee

The IoD is charged with promoting good corporate governance for Guernsey businesses, so good governance starts with us

As a Branch and Committee we strive to ensure our own governance complies with the highest professional standards. Committee members have a duty to avoid any conflicts of interest.  

The Guernsey Branch of the Institute of Directors (IoD) Conflicts of Interest Policy can be found here. The policy applies to everyone who acts on for or behalf of the Guernsey Branch of the IoD such as directors, officers and members appointed to act as representatives of the IoD and/or its sub-groups. This sets out guidelines and procedures for identifying, monitoring and managing actual and potential conflicts of interest.

Benefits of Membership