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You do not need to be a registered director to be eligible for membership. You are eligible to join one of two categories depending on your business experience.

You can find out more and join (to recieve the Guernsey rate you need to select "member" regardless of Director status) here

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Full Membership

Full member status can be achieved by a director who is (or who has been during the past five years) responsible for the strategic direction of one or more of the below solvent entities that has (or have in aggregate) an annual minimum turnover or budget of £250,000 and has:  


  • Held the post of director for a minimum of three years and been in business for a minimum of seven years; or 

  • Held the post of director for a minimum of one year, been in business for a minimum of five years and has attended the Institute’s course The Role of the Company Director and the Board. 


As a member, you will have the designation MIoD after your name. If you do not meet member criteria you may apply as an Associate member. 


Associate Membership

We will consider applicants where turnover, budget or length of service does not meet Member criteria. It is open to: 


  • “Director” of an “entity” or a proprietor of an enterprise which has active operations; or 

  • Partner in a professional practice or a senior executive or officer of another entity who reports directly to a member of the body that is responsible for the strategic direction of that entity and the implementation of its corporate governance. 

Young Members

The Guernsey branch of the IoD encourages young people to join the organisation. Through the Directors of Tomorrow and the Leadership Shadowing Scheme, we are keen to see more young people join the branch and contribute their views.


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