Lynne Duquemin - Chartered Director

  • Lynne Duquemin is a Chief Investment Officer at a private family office

  • She embarked on her IoD qualification journey in 2015, passing both the Certificate and Diploma and culminating in becoming a Chartered Director last year;

  • The course exposed Lynne to a wide variety of sectors, both in the variety of peers undertaking the course and the syllabus;

  • Since undertaking the qualifications, her clients seek her opinion on broader matters.

Lynne Duquemin - Chartered Director

Lynne believes that one’s career and enjoyment are enhanced by continuing to learn and, with a supportive employer behind her, she felt it was the right time in her career to undertake the IoD Director qualifications.

She said, “Good corporate governance is a key part of what I do and should be at the heart of any board or organisation; the IoD programme embodies what corporate governance is all about. The IoD studies prepare you for challenges which may arise as a Board Director and deepen your understanding of corporate governance and business strategy. The course looks beyond your operational responsibilities and gives you a wider, more strategic understanding of your corporate responsibilities and duties.

“Since undertaking the qualifications, I have noticed my clients now ask me different questions and seek my opinion on broader matters. That wouldn’t have been the case before I became IoD qualified, I can now provide additional value and that’s a major benefit in a client relationship.

I come from a finance background but the course exposed me to different sectors, both in the variety of peers undertaking the course and the syllabus itself - which covers a wide range of topics including corporate strategy, marketing, ethics, accounting and health and safety.Cost management is a form of management accounting that allows a business to predict impending expenditures to help reduce the chance of going over budget.”

- Lynne Duquemin - Chartered Director

Lynne Duquemin - Chartered Director

In May 2018, Lynne became the seventh female Chartered Director in Guernsey. To become Chartered you have to submit an extensive portfolio of evidence and attend a panel interview at the IoD’s headquarters at Pall Mall in London.

On the interview process, Lynne said: “The interview was challenging. The panel were professional and their body language gave me no indication as to how I was doing or if they agreed with my answers, so I was relieved a few weeks later to hear I had been accepted.”

Lynne concludes: “I would recommend anyone thinking of starting their IoD qualification journey to do it. It is hugely beneficial to your career and is a very relevant qualification to undertake in today’s world of evolving regulation and corporate governance requirements. It is time-consuming but you adapt and make the time to study and it’s not forever, but the experience gained will always be useful. I highly recommend this study route, especially for those on UK-listed boards; it is incredibly helpful to have this qualification and the resources and knowledge it provides you with in pursuit of service to the stakeholders of the business.”

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