Machinery of Government

The 2019 voting referendum and Island Wide Voting will have a long-term impact on the island’s political landscape. The IoD encourages debate into Guernsey's current political system to ensure we have an organisation that is fit for purpose.


Mission statement

  • Address what IoD members see as a chronic infrastructure underspend and lack of investment into the island’s future
  • Encourage a system of government that encourages decisiveness, effective leadership and accountability 
  • Maintain oversight of the new system of electing Deputies and the introduction of Island Wide Voting

Key information & achievements

  • The IoD has encouraged debate about the effectiveness of the island's current system of government at events and through media comment
  • A debate regarding the electorial systems encouraged voter engagement and turnout in the island's referendum
  • The IoD regularly engages with the government regarding good governance practices 
  • The IoD has provided a platform for discussions around public service and legislation reform

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